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False Alarm
June 8th,2016

Residents and students in the vicinity of the Point Fortin RC school
are breathing a sigh of relief when it was reported that the device
which was found by workers turned out  to be a hoax. This statement was issued by Minister of National Security and MP for the area Edmund Dillon. The device s a look alike but was a cigarette lighter made to look like a grenade. Police are continuing their investigations
as to the persons responsible for the prank.

June 7th 2016

Live Grenade Found:
An URP WORK CREW doing their task this morning found a live hand grenade behind the Point Fortin RC School., about 7.30am this
morning and reported the find to the Point Fortin Police who immediately blocked the area as investigations begun. The Principal of the school made the decision to close the facility because of the  dangerous and questionable find. Parents were notified and the students were immediately discharged. The matter has been relayed to the Minister of National Security and MP for Point Fortin Mr. Edmund Dillon.

2016 Miss Point Fortin flanked by her runners up.


All Hail her majesty Queen Keda. The newly crowned monarch proved
to be a favorite with the crown who were treated to  a well organized
show, which was held at the Point Fortin East Secondary School on
Friday night. In what was deemed to be a gala performance, the judging was very close, with Tevene Cyrus Tyson and Jasenta Balchan first and second runners up respectfully

April 21st, 2016
All Roads Lead to Point Fortin

It's that time again as the Southern Mecca is welcoming scores of it's foreign based residents and friends to celebrate the ever popular Borough Day Festivities,which kicks off this weekend. This
celebration is sponsored by the Point Fortin Borough Council under Mayor Clyde Paul and runs thru May 8th with cultural activities every day. 

Unable to attend in person ?
Watch it live visit Wack Radio 901FM.com or call 868 652 9774. 

   Point Fortin fire victims Peter and Lisa James meet
with Ministry Officials
           March 9th, 2016

Officials of the Ministry of Social Development has come to the  aid
of fire victims Peter and Lisa James. James a retired Police Officer 
lost the contents of his home which was destroyed by fire on 
February 26th,2016.  The representatives of the  Ministry together with officials of the Make a Smile Store made a donation of clothing and A TT Card to ensure that the family had their basic needs met.
The HDC is currently looking into their situation.           

Slain Family Laid to rest:
August1st, 2015

A family of four from Chatham, in Point Fortin who were killed
in an apparent retaliation for assisting police in the investigation of the murder of a villager one week ago..The funeral for Jeremy Toussaint, his father Peter Baptiste, Grace Toussaint his mother, and her mother Grace Peters took place from the Open Bible Cathedral, Point Fortin under the watchful eyes of heavily armed police officers of the South Western Division Task Force.The family of four were found shot to death in their home  at Chatham South Trace, by Patrick Juba,, Jeremy's Grandfather, on July 16th, 2015. Police suspect that the murders are in the retaliation for Toussaint's assistance with the investigation of the murder of fellow villager Steffon Sinnette a  week earlier.

Point Borough Day 2015 Launched:
April 24th, 2015

The Borough of Point Fortin officially launched its 34th Anniversary  Celebrations with a Military Parade through the streets of the Municipality, beginning at Coronation Park, Egypt Village, at 11 am.This signals the official start of the festivities which will end with  "The Borough Cool Down" on
Sunday May  4th. The action heats up after the Parade  with
the "Icons in the Sun" a free Calypso Concert at Victor Chin Kit Park, paying tribute to Singing Sandra beginning at 1.30 pm,  following.which, one of the most anticipated  events the Miss
Point Fortin Beauty Pageant" will be held at the Clifton Hill Beach Facility Auditorium from 8pm
Point Fortin Mayor Clyde Paul in his address told the audience that  he was looking forward to a crime free celebration and asked the residents to be very aware of the people around them and to stay clear of any sort of crime and let peace prevail.

Woman Assaulted;

Feb 19th, 2015
A 49 year old Point Fortin woman is hospitalized in critical condition after being attacked. The attack was the culmination of years of physical and mental abuse at the hands of her "EX".
Debbie Maude-Antoine who received multiple chop wounds, one of which cracked her skull remains fearful that her attacker against whom she has a restraining order , if released will come after her again. The suspect, a 55 year old security guard of Lime Field Rd. Bonasse Village, Cedros, was in police custody but not yet charged with an offense. Police are continuing investigations.

Carnival Celebrations Shutdown by Police:

Feb 19th, 2015
Point Fortin police shutdown carnival celebrations to the dismay of patrons and vendors at about 8pm on Tuesday.
According to reports out of the borough, the police blamed the issue on Mayor Clyde Paul's office but the Mayor promptly denied the allegation  Paul told the media that he received a number of complaints from angry vendors, blaming him for the shutdown of their stalls,but claimed that he was powerless because such orders can only be given by the police Commissioner not the Corporation. He added that the police used his name wrongfully and wants an investigation into the matter. Paul is at present recovering from surgery is expected back to work on February 25.

Former Councillor Valentine "Valley" Ferdinand participating
in a recent Borough Marathon

Former Councillor Dies

Feb. 18th 2015
The Point Fortin Borough Corp. has lost a cherished member of the community. Former Councillor Valentine 'Valley" Ferdinand
who represented Egypt Village was a pillar in the area and was a household name. He was a popular Carnival band leader in the district for many years until his entrance into the political arena , a position he held alongside his job at the National Insurance Board. Although retired from active politics, Ferdinand found the time to participate as a member of the Point Fortin Rehab Council and being of service to members of the community who had problems with their National Insurance benefits. A true son of the soil, he will surely be missed. We here at the Point Fortin Rehab Council wishes to send our heartfelt condolences to his wife Lucille  and his children wishing them God's Blessings on this sad occasion.
Ferdinand passed while hospitalized at the San Fernando Hospital on Monday Feb 16th at approximately 1.00 am after a prolonged illness.

Brig. Gen Edmund Dillion adddressing the International Hall of Fame.

Ex Soldier gets the Nod in Point Fortin:

January 26, 2015

Brig. General Edmund Dillon a retired decorated soldier has emerged victorious in the nomination as the PNM's candidate for Point Fortin to contest the upcoming National Elections.
Dillon, a former highly decorated member of the Defence Force, is a newcomer to the political realm and is a proven leader and no nonsense  team player as is evidenced by his resume and valuable contribution to the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force. In an interview shortly after his nomination, Dillon congratulated Gopee-Scoon on her achievements and committed himself to consulting with her to better understanding the challenges and issues that she encountered during her tenure and to build from the foundation which she built. Dillon also told those present " I approach everything with confidence and with the Lord above me", he added that the first order of business was to understand and to move Point Fortin from a place of problems to one of solutions and committed himself in addressing the issue if the long outstanding Point Fortin Hospital and the diversification of the energy resources based in the area.

Gopee-Scoon Calls it Quits:
Jan. 26th, 2015

Point Fortin MP Paula Gopee-Scoon has withdrawn from the battle for the constituency in the up coming national elections.
Scoon in addressing the issue told constituents that she was unable to give the constituency her full attention mainly because of her homebase which is located in the Port of Spain area, and has contributed to her inability to give the area her full attention which is required in order to be up to date in the fight for progress in the constituency. She however indicated that this does not  mean that she will no longer support the fight to assist in the struggle with outstanding issues like the Point Fortin Hospital among others, even though she may not be in an executive capacity. Scoon also gave the assurance that her replacement will have hr undivided suport since she was comitted to the development of the town and its infrastructure.

Man Found Dead in Residence:
Jan. 13th, 2015

Officers from the  Southern Homicide Division are investigating the death of Point Fortin Resident, 65 year old Claudius Joseph
whose lifeless body was found at a house on Agard  Road in Point Fortin. According to reports out of the area Joseph's body was found by an acquaintance who made a visit to him and found him lying on the floor  not breathing, he notified Joseph's children and the police were called. Foul play has not been ruled out as the officers found what appears to be a wound
on the back of the neck. The District Medical Officer ordered the body to be sent to the Forensic Science Center, St James for an autopsy to be performed. Investigations are continuing. Meanwhile the body of a man described as an African-American about 50 years old was found at the side of the Oilfield R in Lot 10, Guapo. The body had it's head bashed in and was also ordered to the Forensic Science Centre for 
identification and an autopsy. Investigations are ongoing.

Body found in "Fields"
Dec. 24th,2014

Southern Division Homicide and South Western Division Police on Monday retrieved the body of Arnold Quashie, who has been missing for more than a year. Quashie a former VMCOTT employee from Cap-de-Ville remains was located in a Petrotrin oilwell after the officers were led to the site by a suspect to an area at Duck Farm Road in Point Fortin. Quashie went missing after leaving to ply his PH car for hire in early June last year.
The suspect who confessed to killing Quashie led police to Duck Farm Road where the remains were located in an oilwell  under several pieces of metal on top of it to keep the body submerged. Investigations are continuing. 

PP's Pre-Election Rhetoric:

Once again the Peoples Partnership has embarked on a campaign of using false promises in an attempt to con the people of the constituency of Point Fortin, with its pre-election rhetoric in order to try to secure a victory in the upcoming general elections. Labor Minister Marlene Coudray in addressing the audience at the Children Christmas treat on behalf of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar at the Cedros Secondary School in Bonasse Village, Cedros,on Monday evening. Coudray told the gathering that " The next time you see Aunty Kamla will be before the next general election to turn the sod for the long awaited Point Fortin Hospital, and before that we have the part of the highway to Point Fortin,i am sure Aunty Kamla is going to deal with the opening of another segment of the highway before the elections.And all these are coming to you from your government under the leadership of Aunty Kamla and a lot of development is coming your way".
Labor Minister who was also present called on the residents to ensure that Persad-Bissessar is returned as Prime Minister in the upcoming elections.McLeod concluded "the Prime Minister has come down for Christmas time and it will not be the last time and the next time  is in 2015 and we will welcome Aunty Kamla back here as the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.
It is apparent that the PP's Administration is trying to revert to deception and lies as used in 2010 to con the people of the south west peninsula in a desperate effort to defeat the PNM who has controlled this constituency and the PM has misunderstood what the constituents declared it's "Anti Kamla" not Aunty Kamla.

Declining Prices won't affect Hospital:

Local Government Minister Marlene Coudray sought to assure residents along the South Western Peninsula that the two major construction projects in the area will not be affected by declining oil prices. She made the comment while addressing the Prime Minister's Children Christmas treat at the Cedros Secondary School at Bonasse Village, Cedros on Monday evening, with respect to the highway extension and the proposed Point Fortin Hospital which is long overdue. Coudray who is the Point Fortin Constituency co-ordinator for the Peoples Partnership said that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar's next visit to the district will be to turn the sod to begin construction.

Point Fortin Mourns:
October 21st, 2014

The Borough of Point Fortin is in mourning because  of the passing of " The People's Mayor" Mayor Victor Chin Kit at his home in Clifton Hill after a brief illness, he was 84.
Chin Kit a former Electrical Engineer with Shell Trinidad Ltd and Trinidad and Tobago Oil Company (Trintoc) was appointed to the first Borough Council as an alderman under Mayor Lionel Blake in 1980 where he served until 1984,he was appointed Mayor in that year where he served until 1987, and his vision for a cleaner and more progressive Point Fortin is still being achieved under his understudy Mayor Clyde Paul. Mayor Chin Kit was an honorary member of the Point Fortin Rehab Council and his contributions will surely be missed. We join with the Point Fortin Community in expressing  our heartfelt condolences to his family in this their time of sorrow.

Businessman Kidnapped:
October 17th, 2014

Point Fortin businessman Rajendra Bisram, 45,of Maharaj Trace, Cap-de-ville was kidnapped whilst at his business
at around 10.10 pm on Wednesday night. According to reports out of Point Fortin,,Bisram was in the company of three other persons at his business performing some electrical work when
four men armed with guns and cutlasses stormed the building
where they tied up the workers. They proceeded to took Bisram bundled him into his black Toyota Vigo Hilux and sped off.
Point Fortin Police and the Anti-Kidnapping Unit were contacted
and immediately responded, but there were no demands for a ransom by the kidnappers. Inspector Parriman and members of the South Western  and Task Force are investigating the matter.

Man found guilty of Rape:
August 6th,2014

A Point Fortin truck driver was found guilty of raping a then 13 year old United States citizen who was sent to Trinidad to spend some time at the home of her mother's first cousin in January 2006. The accused pleaded not guilty as he appeared before Justice Hayden St. Clair-Douglas and a nine member Jury in the San Fernando First Assizes. According to the State's lead attorney Angelica Teelucksingh, the attacks took place  between June 2006 and April 2007 at various locations, including different bedrooms in the house, in the bathroom and in a shed at an isolated area in Point Fortin.It was alleged that the first attack took place on June 1st, 2006 whilst the young victim was asleep, the victim also testified that she was threatened by the accused that if she said anything he would put her out of the house. The nine man jury deliberated for 90 minutes and returned a guilty verdict. The accused was remanded into custody pending sentencing. The matter was adjourned to September 25th,2014.

Point Fortin Celebrates Pan Trinbago:
August 3rd, 2014

Pan Trinbago launched its Pan Month Celebrations at the State of the Art Clifton Hill Beach  Resort with the collaboration of Point Fortin Mayor Hon. Clyde Paul. The evenings performances featured a number of the nations top steel orchestras inncluding Tornadoes, La Brea Nightingales, NLCB Fonclaire, BP Renegades,  Witco Desperadoes and CAL Invaders had the complete attention of the attendees with some stunning performances. Tornadoes honored their hometown hero Austin (Super Blue ) Lyons with fantastic renditions of a number his compositions.Patrons included Pan Trinbago's President Keith Diaz, Deputy Mayor of the Port of Spain Keron Valentine and Trinidad and Tobago High Commissioner to Nigeria Nyahuma Obika.

Point Fortin MP hits out on Life Sport Issue:
July 30th,2014

Point Fortin Parliamentary Representative the Hon. Paula Gopee-Scoon has added her voice to the now "Toxic" Life Sport issue.  Gopee-Scoon in speaking to the Trinidad Newsday yesterday about the findings of the Ministry of Finance's audit of the Life Sport program which was tabled in Parliament last Friday by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, has publicly called for the immediate resignation of Sports Minister Anil Roberts in light of these findings. Scoon explained that " a Minister of Government must be responsible for the oversight for the operation of his/her Ministry, even though he was not the  actual implementor and executor and not writing cheques, but who's duty it is to ensure proper management and distribution of public dollars."
The former Minister of Foreign Affairs also indicated that mentioned in the report was the issue of the Fanny Village Pavilion, a Life Sport project, to which substantial payments  were made to Richie's General Contractors Limited for Janitorial
services in the amount of $51,750.00 on two occasions, even though the facility has no electricity and has not been inspected by T&TEC and is unused by the community.

Baby dies, Questions raised:
June 27th, 2014

Questions have been raised by the parents of 3 day old baby boy
who was pronounced dead at the Point Fortin Area Hospital on Monday June 23rd shortly after being seen at the facility.
Baby Akilon Glascow was born to Akil Glascow and Nikeisha Henry of Techier Village, Point Fortin on Saturday June 21st.
According to reports out of the area there were concerns about the baby's refusal to breast feed and that his skin had a yellowish appearance. He was taken to the hospital by his parents and after being seen by the Head Nurse, the baby was given a clean bill of health and was given some formula and discharged. He was taken home fed and put to bed. About two hours his mother tried to wake him but he did  not respond and she noticed that his lips had changed colour, he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy revealed that the child died as a result of choking on his own vomit. Calls have been made to Health Minister Dr. Fuad Khan to have the circumstances surrounding the death investigated, the Point Fortin police are also conducting their own investigations into the death.

Activist Jailed:
June 18th,2014

Point Fortin activist and president of the Brotherhood United of Egypt Village, Point Fortin, Lionel  Shade, was sentenced to three years and ten months in prison for the murder of his friend Wayne Abraham some twelve years ago. Shade who was in the act of installing louvres in his home was visited by Abraham. It was reported that Shade asked Abraham about money which was owed to him and Abraham became abusive which led to a scuffle which resulted in Abraham being kicked in the stomach by Shade who was at that time wearing a steel tip boots. As a result of the blow Abraham was taken to the hospital where he died nineteen days after the incident. Justice Hayden Douglas-St. Clair appearing in the San Fernando High Court said that it was an unusual incident as he pronounced sentence.

Cyclist Killed:
May 18th,2014

A 57th year old cyclist was struck and killed near his home in Guapo, near Point Fortin on Saturday. Mervyn Prince, a watchman, of Beach Road, Vance River, when he was hit by a car. The driver of the car, a 57 year old man of Union Village, Claxton Bay is assisting police with their investigations. Axxording to reports, the driver told police thathe was driving along the Southern Main Road, Guapo, when  upon reaching an abandoned NP gas station at KTO stretch he attempted to overtake a man riding a bicycle, however he collided with the victim who was thrown to the ground as a result of the impact. A District Medical Officer pronounced Prince dead on the scene of the crash, an autopsy will be conducted today.

Police Corporal Held in Sting Operation:
May 18th, 2014

A police corporal with 15 years of service who  allegedly took a bribe to forgo a charge of drug possession has been granted bail in the sum of $100,000.00 as he appeared in in the Port of Spain First Magistrates Court before Christine Charles on two charges arising from the incident. Cpl. Showell Dickerson who was last attached to the Point Fortin Police Station was arrested on May 8th, at Reservoir Hill, Egypt Village, Point Fortin, by officers of the Professional Standards Bureau including Insp. Walker, Sgt. Seepersad, Cpl. Joefield and PC Marcano, where it is alleged that he went to a house in the area on April 29th, where he found a quantity of marijuana in a post box, and he asked the suspect for $2000.00 to make the "charge disappear". It is alleged that he received $1000.00. He was arrested and charged by PC Marcano.
The matter was transferred to the Point Fortin Magistrates Court
to May 21st.

April 27th, 2014

Why are the actions of Helen Bartlett the Point Fortin mother seen on the social media disciplining her child considered abuse? It is a sad day when this video has been given so much attention and the true fact of the matter is being ignored. Miss Bartlett has a God given right to discipline her daughter in order to ensure that she is being brought up in a respectful and disciplined manner, a fact which is mentioned in Proverbs 13:24 in the Holy Bible. Miss Bartlett has taken a step that many have ignored and have aligned themselves to the American system of what is considered child abuse and the laws which have been put into place that no longer works, and is responsible for the decline in respect and the  apparent breakdown in today's society. Because of her actions she has been belittled by comments of the "moral police "within a failed democracy of a society  that has no clue in solving the social ills and the increased crime in our communities, and the fear of us being victims in a lawless society, brought about by our failure to discipline our children and the glamorization of crime by the gangs which now operate in our communities. Where were the "moral police" when the child was neglected by her father as reported by her mother who was left alone to care for her kids? How many of us took the opportunity to offer  any kind of assistance to her family or for any family in crisis in today's society where it is becoming exceedingly difficult for the economically deprived to survive, but still tried to provide a better life for her children?
It is apparent that no one wants to accept the fact that the government of our country have not yet realized that they have aligned themselves to a system which has failed and have problems in addressing  the seriousness of violence due to drug and gang activities which has reached epidemic proportions in the US where the murder rate amongst teenagers and the use of drugs has skyrocketed. Maybe its time to revert to that form of discipline to which many of us were exposed to and which has made better citizens of us  and respect the decision of Miss Bartlett in taking a stand in ensuring that her daughter does not become a statistic in the future. 

Murder in Point Fortin
April 22nd, 2014

Despite calls from Point Fortin Mayor Clyde Paul, this year's celebrations have struck a sour note with the murder of a  fruit vendor at the Cap-de-ville Road junction. 34 year old Dane Joseph
was operating his fruit stall when he was shot in the stomach by a man posing as a customer, around 7.15 pm yesterday. Point Fortin Police are conducting inquiries.

Borough day Festivities officially launched:
April 22nd, 2014

Once again the Borough of Point Fortin is celebrating it's 34th Borough Day Festivities in fine style, on Saturday evening. Mayor Clyde Paul told a packed Victor Chin Kit park that the time has come for the residents to take the opportunity to use the celebrations to earn much needed income generated by the influx of participants from
all over the world who graces the borough  for the well known celebrations. Mayor Paul also told the gathering that the celebrations would never be without steelband music as long as he was alive and that this opportunity was sanctioned by the late ANR Robinson in 1997 with the approval of Pan On The Move. Participants were entertained by Siparia Deltones, NGC LaBrea Nightingales, Point Fortin Tornadoes and Jah Roots to name a few.

Point Fortin Comes Alive
April 9th, 2014

The Borough of Point Fortin is buzzing with activities in what can only be referred to as the prelude to an "Elegant 2014 Borough Day Celebration". Already this years celebration is slated as the best ever and will kick off on April 19th,2014.
 click on the link below to view calendar of events.

Hospital Situation Worsens:

March 26th 2014
The residents of Point Fortin and the neighboring communities continue to face a gloomy but serious situation with the health care situation at the Point Fortin Hospital. The facility is in a state of disrepair and essential supplies are none existant in addition to the crumbling infrastructure. Where is Health Minister Fuad Khan? Why is he and the present Administration
neglecting the town and it's people who expect to have access
to a proper medical facility to visit in times of illness or accidents. The conditions at the hospital has become so bad that its staff are refusing to work the night shift as was demonstrated by not turning up for duty over the weekend.
Point Fortin Mayor the Hon. Clyde Paul visited the hospital and spoke to members of staff who showed him some of the problems. There is a shortage of beds, little or no linens, a shortage of drugs, an unsafe building , in addition to patients are sent from the San Fernando General Hospital  and a  shortage of personnel at the institution. The matter was reported to the union and  President Watson Duke indicated that they have his full support. This situation shows the Administration's decision to  punish the area because their to support the opposition PNM in the last election.     

Point Fortin Say Goodbye to Son of Soil:

Jan. 16th,2014

The entire Point Fortin community will gather tomorrow Jan. 17th to pay its respects to Football Ambassador 22 year old Akeem Adams. The farewell service is scheduled to begin at 11.00 am at the Mahaica Oval in Point Fortin and a huge crowd is expected to attend the function. Adams who was a resident of the Borough,  was born in Salazar Trace. Mora, Point Fortin and attended Presentation College, suffered a massive  stroke after being hospitalized for several weeks after a number of medical complications from which he never recovered. Akeem passed away with his mother and brother at his side at the Varosmajor Heart Clinic in Hungary. He was professional player with the Ferencverosi Torna Club.  Also expected to attend are representatives of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation , and other organizations to which he was associated.The Point Fortin Rehab Council sends its sincerest condolences to his bereaved family.  

Clean Up Fall Out:
Jan.16th, 2014

State owned Petrotrin is now forced to do damage control as a result of the company's clean up of the oil spill that crippled the south western peninsula of the country since early December of  2013.It has been reported that while the company claims that the clean up was successful it has been told that the chemical which was used is highly toxic and a health hazard to the residents since the product increases in strength to about 60% in when used and threatens to pollute the air and causes a flare up in asthmatic  conditions and possible death. The government has been put on notice to relocate the affected residents and not to utilize food produced in the affected areas since it may be contaminated. This report was submitted by Mr. Leon Hector from the Maryland First Response Team who is specially trained in such treatments.

For further information You can contact Mr. Hector on Facebook by sending a friend request.

Oil Spill Woes
Dec. 31st, 2013

 State owned Petrotrin has denied responsibility for the continuing  increase in oil spills that continues to plague the residents of  South Trinidad. This was made clear by Lindsay Gillette Chairman of the Company in a press conference yesterday. He commented that 11 spills in ten days is "unusual,alarming and unprecedented, when questioned about the latest leak located in the Brighton Marine Field. Petrotrin's President also at the conference,  gave the assurance that everything possible was being done to clean up the spills including assistance to the affected residents and the environment.
Meanwhile the displaced residents of LaBrea and environs have staged a protest  because of  claims  that they are  being overlooked for employment in the clean up efforts since the contractors and labor comes from outside the area. Residents of Point Sable Beach, Queens Beach and Coffee Beach have indicated their intention to block access roads to the  affected areas if their requests for employment in the clean up which currently pays up to $50.00 an hour are not met. The affected area now occupies the coastal area from Othaheite to Cedros and is said to have cost about $5M to date.
Point Fortin Mourns:
Dec. 31st 2013

The Borough of Point Fortin along with its residents  and the nation as a whole today mourns the death of former National Football  Player Akeem Adams who died of a massive stroke in Hungary, where he was hospitalized awaiting a new heart.  Adams a native of Salazar Trace, Point Fortin, and former national and pro-league fame was just 22 years old and made his mark as a stand out defender in local and international competitions. He  was recruited by the Hungarian professional club Ferencvarosi Torna Club and had a promising future in the European Professional League. This dream came to an end on September 25th, 2013 when Adams suffered a massive heart attack shortly after training. He was immediately rushed to Varosmajor Heart Clinic where he underwent three life saving operations and was given a temporary mechanical device to support his vascular system. He continued to makee ome progress, until tragedy struct and his left leg had to be amputated because of circulation restrictions. On Saturday Adams suffered a massive stroke from which he never recovered. The Point Fortin Rehab Council sends out our heart felt condolences to his bereaved family at this time, may he rest in peace.

Petrotrin Oil spill Threatens Area Residents:
Dec 20th, 2013.
Residents off the South Western peninsula are faced with a critical dilemma with a massive oil spill that has  risen in the area as a result of operations by state owned Petrotrin.
The spill has consumed the area between LaBrea and Chatham, an area of approximately eight nautical miles, causing several parts of the affected area to be evacuated.
According to Petrotrin the problem has come from a number of non-related issues and is still being investigated.  The company reported that they found out by investigations that problems were located in Pointe-a-Pierre Riser Platform NO5 and Trinmar's Platform NO 17. In it's release to the media the company on Tuesday claimed that a weld leak developed in the No 10 sea line at the Pointe-a-Pierre port during loading operations.In a unrelated incident later that day, a gasket on a 16 inch line caused   oil to leak at the No5 platform in Trinmar's Main Field , also on Thursday a A leak was observed at platform No 17 in the East Fields during surveillance of the area. The company apologizes to the residents of the affected area for any and all discomforts  experienced and that clean-up of the spills are on-going  and that continued observation of the area to find and repair any problems are continuing. The EMA is also investigating the situation.

Visitor Drowns at Guapo
Dec.3rd, 2013

Paul Fermin
 a 62 year old Naturalized citizen of the US lost his life while swimming at the Clifton Hill/  Guapo Beach in Point Fortin last weekend. According to reports out of Point Fortin, 
Fermin who was visiting his relatives at Harriman Park went with them to Clifton Hill/ Guapo beach on Saturday afternoon. Relatives told police that at around 1.00 pm Fermin went into the water and disappeared shortly thereafter,and that efforts to locate him failed.  His body surfaced later on that evening, police are investigating the incident. 

More Lies?

Nov, 30, 2013
Once again the Minister of Health  Dr Fuad Khan has demonstrated  his government's political vendetta towards the residents of the South Western peninsula with regards to the construction of the new Point Fortin Hospital in his statement in Parliament yesterday. The People's Partnership administration led by Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bisessar had made a promise that any constituency who failed to give her support will not get anything done by her government.
Dr. Khan seems to have forgotten that  these promises have been made for years and was never accomplished. In mid October, 2010 the then Minister of Health, Theresa Cornelis-Baptiste  told the country that the plans and design was approved and the project would begin later that year.and completed by UDECOTT. This project never got off the ground because they did not secure the land despite ETECHS approval.
The deception continued in 2011 when several promises which guaranteed that the construction would begin in October of 2011 since they had the necessary funding in hand. Once again a failed promise. In May of 2012 promises of the start of construction was made by the then Minister Dr Roodlal Moonilal
told a desperate public that works would begin shortly, again nothing but the same old excuses, we head now into the year 2012 when we are now dealing with the administration's new Minister  Dr Fuad Khan, who unlike  those who came before him accompanied the MP for the area  after which he claimed that everything was in place for the start of the construction to begin in October of 2012 in an apparent effort to calm fed up residents and staff of the institution who had now began to protest.He indicated that there were some concerns with the location and the funding for the project and once again the residents were left dissatisfied. Meanwhile  while the people of Point Fortin try to make sense of their situation,   projects in the Couva, Chaguanas, Penal and Debe are being expedited without any delays, where is the funding coming from? Again the Minister along with Finance  Minister Larry Howai has claimed that there is a problem with financing of this project but remain numb when asked about the 13 Billion dollar loan given to government by the Government of China, part of which was supposed to go to the construction of the Hospital. It is apparent that the cards are not dealt evenly and I believe that since the Attorney General who attempts to go after persons he describes as dishonest, should consider taking the Minister of Health and the Prime Minter to Court for Perjury and Official Misconduct since their political disregard seems to claim a political causality in the person of the areas MP Paula
Gopee-Scoon who indicated that government's failure to start the construction of the Hospital may mean the end of her political career.  It is time that the people in the South Western Peninsula stand up for their rights and support the Member of Parliament in putting pressure on this administration to achieve its objective.

View of approved Design
sent to UDECOTT in 2010

Return To The Glory Days

Nov. 5th, 2013
Mahaica Oval the Nationally famous Sporting  Ground is  being modernized, this according to Mayor Hon, Clyde Paul in a recent media release. He highlighted  the rich history of some of the nation's sporting greats who are products of the borough and this facility. Built in the 1940's by UBOT, Mahaica Oval became a mecca of sport for not only Point Fortin but to South Trinidad, producing such greats as Watty Douglas, Delbert Charleau, Leroy Deleon, Warren Archibald, and Steve David, Victor :Voot" Ogarro and Ivan Aguilera to name a few.
Paul indicated that work have already began and that  the grounds have been re-seeded and the drainage improved. He noted that while the work is in progress ,the Corporation approached several energy companies and other  area                   businesses to assist in financing this long overdue project.     
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